Healthcare of Today acquires Macuclear/dry AMD technology

Healthcare of Today has acquired Macuclear, a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing novel solutions for vascular disorders of the eye. Macuclear's primary product, MC-1101, is a preservative-free drug for treating and stopping the progression of dry Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). According to the company, "an astounding 90 percent of AMD patients cannot be treated with the methods currently available."

The active ingredient of MC1101 has been previously approved by the FDA as an oral antihypertensive drug. The drug is delivered in eyedrop form, and Macuclear is collaborating with Mystic Pharmaceutical to use its novel ophthalmic drug delivery device, the "Versidoser" in its human studies. The Versidoser drops a metered dose of the drug gently into the patient's eye. The device is designed to help proper placement over the eye and to count the number of drops administered. According to the company, "the controlled drop size avoids 'flooding' of the eye and the resultant blinking response that can wipe away much of a drug delivered from standard dropper bottles."

Macuclear has an active IND for MC-1101 and has completed a successful Phase Ib/Proof of Concept human clinical trial. The company intends to begin a Phase II clinical trial this summer. Diabetic retinopathy and other retinal diseases will also be investigated with Macuclear's portfolio of drug candidates.

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