Happy Holidays, and here's to a well-delivered 2013!

FierceDrugDelivery will be taking a brief break over the holidays, but we will be back Jan. 2.

It's been a busy year in drug delivery, with injected, oral, inhaled, implanted and transdermal formulations all competing for space in the newsletter.

What have I spotted over the last year? Microneedle patches are looking interesting, providing the potential for vaccines that can be stored stably and without refrigeration ready for use, and could even be mailed to remote areas. Nanoparticles are riding the R&D wave, with the possibility that they could revive forgotten drugs. And insulin could step away from the needle and be delivered orally, nasally, through the skin, through the lungs, or using ever more high-tech and responsive pumps.

Our special reports this year have included focuses on insulin delivery technologies and drug delivery companies.

Watch this space for more special reports on aspects of this fast-moving industry, and keep in touch throughout 2013 with news stories and topics that you would like to see us cover. You can email me at [email protected], and follow me at @suzannewriter on Twitter. -- Suzanne Elvidge