Glide touts studies of its delivery system as it prepares to take on Novartis' Sandostatin

Glide Technologies touted studies of its novel solid-dose injection system, which uses its proprietary solid-dose injector. It said the data showed that the delivery system had a 100% penetration rate into the skin and consistently delivered the solid formulation. "The results from these two studies underpin our confidence in the comfort, ease-of-use and performance of the Glide SDI system as we move towards human bioequivalence testing with our innovative octreotide product later in 2015. As we continue to progress our pipeline of novel therapeutics and vaccines, we are generating a substantial database showing that our Glide SDI system has the potential to become an important technology in an industry that is moving to more patient-focused and targeted products," said Glide CEO Dr. Mark Carnegie-Brown. Octreotide is the active ingredient in Novartis' ($NVS) Sandostatin, used to treat the rare disease acromegaly and severe diarrhea associated with cancer. Sandostatin is injected as a liquid suspension that must be prepared prior to administration. More