Generex granted 162nd buccal drug delivery patent

Generex, a Toronto-based drug-delivery company, has received its 162nd patent related to its buccal delivery technology, the company announced in a release. The Canadian Patent No. 2,354,148 covers "Aerosol Formulations for Buccal and Pulmonary Application."

The company believes the future of drug delivery can be found in the buccal mucosa, or the inner lining of the cheeks and lips, which it says offers a "near ideal, non-invasive portal through which large-molecule drugs might enter the body." Its large surface provides direct access to a rich network of blood vessels, which means quick absorption of medications while avoiding the gastrointestinal system and other "hostile environments."

"We continue to augment the breadth and depth of the intellectual property protection for our drug delivery platform as we continue to pursue the platform's commercialization opportunities for insulin and other active pharmaceutical ingredients," company CEO Rose Perri said in a statement.

Generex's buccal insulin spray product Oral-lyn has been approved in India, Lebanon, Algeria and Ecuador for treatment of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and is in Phase III clinical trials at several sites around the world, the company says.

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