Finding the 'Goldilocks' length for DNA strands; Top 5 game-changing drug delivery techs;

Special Report: Top five game-changing drug delivery techs. Report

> DNA self-assembly is nothing new, but if it's to be harnessed for drug delivery, there needs to be a "Goldilocks" length for the strands--not too long, not too short, but just right. Researchers at North Carolina State University think they've found "Goldilocks." Report with video

> Understand how cells react to nanoparticles, and then you can develop safer, more effective drug-delivery vehicles. Nanotech pioneer Chad Mirkin at Northwestern University studied how cells respond to different nucleic acid-nanoparticle formulations. Story

> Combine an iron oxide nanoparticle, a tumor-targeting peptide and a therapeutic nucleic acid and you get an agent that could be used in targeted therapy for breast cancer and, as a bonus, an agent that can be tracked using MRI. Item

Drug delivery patent application of the week: Compositions and methods of delivery of pharmacological agents Patent application

And Finally... Drug delivery and toad venom: Lipid microspheres for intravenous application of bufadienolides Article