FDA rules on e-cigarettes; Gilead inks deal with MicroDose;

> The FDA has decided to back off its previous stance and regulate e-cigarettes as tobacco products, rather than under stricter rules for drug-delivery devices. Story

> A condom aimed at helping men maintain erections while wearing it (thus, encouraging men to wear condoms) does its magic by delivering the drug in a formulation that does not weaken the condom and immobilizes the drug in the lubricant so it only affects the wearer, according to the Wall Street Journal's Health Blog. Story

> Gilead has entered into a license and collaboration agreement with drug delivery specialists MicroDose Therapeutx to develop a treatment for respiratory syncytial virus. Story

> Peptide-MHC-based nanovaccines for the treatment of autoimmunity: a "one size fits all" approach? Abstract

> Drug delivery patent application of the week: Nanogels for cellular delivery of therapeutics Patent application