Enlight spins off Entrega for oral biologic drug delivery

In-PharmaTechnologist.com is reporting that Boston-based Enlight Biosciences has formed a new company, Entrega, which will focus on oral drug delivery techniques. The new company will use its delivery platform to develop oral versions of biologic drugs that now require injections, including insulin and antibodies.

Enlight's Baruch Harris told In-PharmaTechnologist that that biologic drugs currently provide more than $120 billion in annual revenues, but most require injections. "The ability to deliver biologics orally would address a significantly unmet need for patients and allow much easier treatment paradigms for many conditions that need to be treated with biologics," Harris told the publication, adding that Entrega's drug delivery technology is capable of oral delivery of a range of peptides and proteins.

Harris says that barriers in perception remain, telling In-PharmaTechnologist that "scientific and technical challenges have been so great that most people in the industry are understandably cautious about the success of any one technology."

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