Endo announces BEMA Buprenorphine trial success; Bind stock slides after Amgen ends $180M partnership;

> A redesigned version of Covidien's ($COV) Trellis peripheral infusion system was launched commmercially, the company announced. The system is the only one of its kind that focuses on the treatment of blood clots that can lead to postthrombotic syndrome. Release

> Bind Therapeutics' ($BIND) stock fell over 10% after Amgen ($AMGN) ended a $180M collaboration. Story

> Endo Pharmaceuticals ($EDNP) announced the success of a Phase III trial of BEMA Buprenorphine, making the pain reliever ready for an FDA decision. The treatment uses delivery technology from BioDelivery Sciences International ($BDSI) and had previously failed a Phase III trial before Endo purchased rights to the drug for $180M. More