Edge, SurModics to develop sustained-release NimoGel; FDA reviews Eisai's oral Banzel;

> Edge Therapeutics, based in Newark, NJ, and SurModics, based in Birmingham, AL, have entered into a feasability agreement to develop a novel biodegradable, site-specific, sustained-release formulation of NimoGel, Edge's lead drug for treatment of delayed complications of ruptured brain aneurysms or traumatic brain injury. Release

> Starting with carbon nanotubes, a team of researchers from the United Kingdom and Spain has developed a sugar-coated nanocapsule that can deliver large doses of radioactivity to tumors. They envision a series of nanoscale delivery devices that can target specific organs in the body for radiation therapy or imaging by tinkering with the sugar coating on the nanocapsule. Report

> The FDA has agreed to review Eisai's Banzel oral suspension for treating seizures. Banzel is available in a tablet, but some children and adults have trouble swallowing it. Report

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