Echo Therapeutics video shows pain-free skin prep

When last we left Echo Therapeutics in February, the Franklin, MA-based company was speeding up the launch of its Prelude SkinPrep System for transdermal drug delivery after receiving word from the FDA that the non-invasive system required only minor changes. Now, Medgadget reports, Echo has released a video covering some of the main features of the Prelude and its Symphony wireless glucometer.

Echo is also developing its needle-free Prelude SkinPrep System as a platform technology for enhanced skin permeation for delivery of topical pharmaceuticals. The device is meant to permeate the skin in preparation for transdermal protein (or large molecule) drug delivery. In the future, it could lead to prick-free blood glucose readings. A clinical study completed in late 2010 showed the ability of Prelude to ablate the skin before application of lidocain cream. The result was a faster-acting local anesthesia.

The new video shows how easy the product is to use, complete with a smiling model who, apparently, feels no pain as she preps her skin.

- see the video on MedGadget