Drug delivery's death is greatly exaggerated

Under the headline “Drug Delivery is Dead? Hardly!” a writer for Lacerta Bio, a pharma and biotech business development and licensing company, lays out some compelling reasons why Big Pharma is going to need to continue paying attention to new drug delivery technologies.

He or she (the name of the writer is not given, but claims to have worked for a drug delivery company 10 years ago) says: “... while the big pharma companies remain fixed on developed New Chemical Entities, there remain a plethora of therapeutic challenges which can be solved via drug delivery approaches.”

Among those listed are ophthalmic delivery, novel combinations of pain medication and delivery mechanisms that maximize safety, biodegradable implants containing drugs, and oral films.

The writer concludes: “I believe a lot of pharmaceutical companies are missing the boat when it comes to using drug delivery technologies to rapidly develop products.”

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