Dendrimers, spectrometric analysis deliver drugs; Brainlab partners with SurgiVision;

> Purdue researchers are using dendrimers combined with mass spectrometric analysis to deliver cancer drugs and to tell whether they are hitting their targets. Story

> Munich-based Brainlab is collaborating with SurgiVision to integrate SurgiVision's ClearPoint products with Brainlab's iMRI products to focus on local drug delivery to targets in the brain. ClearPoint helps guide and place instruments during neurological procedures performed within the MRI environment. Brainlab's Brainsuite iMRI integrates intra-operative MRI with surgical planning and ceiling-mounted navigation. Release

> Ikaria, based in Clinton, NJ, has introduced a new drug-delivery system, the INOMAX DSIR, for use in neonatal intensive care units. The system treats hypoxic respiratory failure associated with pulmonary hypertension in term and near-term infants. Ikaria release

> A writer argues that the health insurance industry is creating a disincentive to adoption of new drug delivery systems, since it's all about cost savings and not innovation. Opinion piece

And Finally... Researchers at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn are calling their nanotechnolgy-based drug delivery system a "nanobot." Our SciFi future has arrived. Abstract