Delpor issued nanopore device patent; drug delivery with dendrimers;

> Drug-delivery company Delpor has been issued a U.S. patent--number 7,955,614--covering Delpor's microfabricated nanopore device for the sustained release of therapeutic agents. The device uses Delpor's proprietary NANOPOR technology for the sustained release of large and small molecules for several months after subcutaneous implantation. Release

> Pulmatrix has launched iSPERSE, the company's inhaled dry powder drug delivery platform and is seeking partners. According to a company release, iSPERSE dry powders "comprise proprietary cationic salt formulations optimized for inhalation that have the unique properties of small particle size, high density and high dispersibility." More here

> Nanotechnology in ocular delivery: Current and future directions. Abstract

> World prefilled syringe technology revenues are expected to reach $3.9 billion in 2015. More here

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> Endless Possibilities: Drug delivery with dendrimers. Blog post