Defense Department interested in Impel's BBB-busting device

The blood-brain barrier is a final frontier for drug delivery. The body's own defenses do pretty well when protecting the brain, much to the frustration of scientists who would like to get their medication through this barrier to deal with diseases such as dementia. The military, too, interested in bursting through this barrier for the purpose of protecting the brain from chemical warfare agents. Well, that's what the Department of Defense says they want it for, anyway. And they think they've found something promising in Seattle based Impel NeuroPharma, which just received up to $750,000 in an SBIR grant. The DoD wants the technology behind Impel's Pressurized Olfactory Delivery (POD) device, which the company claims can deliver drugs to the brain through the upper nasal cavity, according to a report in WiredVC. More here