Cytosorbents no longer an OTC stock, uplists to Nasdaq

Starting today, CytoSorbents, maker of the CytoSorb extracorporeal cytokine adsorber to reduce inflammation in critically ill and cardiac surgery patients, will begin trading on the Nasdaq Capital Market instead of the over-the-counter market. Recent developments at the company include a partnership with dialysis magnate Fresenius Medical Care to help commercialize and distribute the product. "As we continue to advance our business through the ongoing commercial ramp of CytoSorb in 28 countries worldwide and a planned pivotal cardiac surgery trial in the U.S., one of our primary objectives is to raise our profile within the investment community. We believe that the Nasdaq listing provides an ideal platform from which to broadly communicate our exciting story to potential investors," said Dr. Phillip Chan, CEO of CytoSorbents. The company performed a 25:1 reverse stock split to facilitate the up listing. It will retain its original ticker symbol "CTSO." Release