'Chemical architects' design metal-organic framework for drug delivery; Coating cloaks delivery devices from immune system;

> "Chemical architects" at the University of Pittsburgh have designed a metal-organic framework that forms porous structures capable of improved drug delivery, as well as gas storage and transport. More

> A "stealth character" coating for medical devices and drug-delivery systems could help cloak them, disguising the devices from the immune system. Story

> Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, isolated a virus to target and deliver gene therapy to retinal cells in mice, a less invasive and more precise treatment for blindness. Report

> SurModics ($SRDX) entered a license agreement with Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals, providing Clinuvel with its biodegradable polymer implant technology for the treatment of sun-induced skin disorders. Release

> The FDA accepted IntelGenx's ($IGXT) new drug application for an oral thin-film migraine treatment, which disintegrates rapidly and releases the drug Rizatriptan. Release