CareFusion, Hospira in drug-delivery patent dispute; soil bacterium could be used to target tumors

> CareFusion is duking it out in court with Hospira, alleging that Hospira infringed on a couple of CareFusion's patents that cover the automation and management of drug delivery. Story

> Spores of Clostridium sporogenes--a soil bacterium--can be injected into cancer patients to specifically target tumors, according to researchers at the University of Nottingham and the University of Maastricht. Release

> Drug delivery company Bespak is diversifying with its first nasal drug-delivery contract with an unnamed "major pharmaceutical" company. Article

> Drug delivery patent of the week: Magnetic Nanodelivery of Therapeutic Agents Across the Blood Brain Barrier Patent

And Finally... I, for one, welcome our new nanorobot overlords. Assimilate this (of course, IEEE Spectrum's Dexter Johnson spoils the party with facts)

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