Cancer vaccines catch ride on UNC-created nanoparticle; Circassia grabs license to microneedle system;

> Research at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill found that new nanoparticles could potentially deliver the chemo drug oxaliplatin to tough-to-treat tumors of the colon and pancreas. Item

> A new nanoparticle might offer an efficient and effective delivery vehicle for cancer vaccines. Abstract

> Branching off from its contract-manufacturing roots, SCM Pharma said it is ready to begin its formulation development business with facilities the U.K.-based firm acquired from the University of Sunderland. Release

> NanoPass Technologies has struck a licensing deal with the U.K.'s Circassia that gives Circassia access to NanoPass's microneedle intradermal delivery system for allergy medicines and other therapies. Report

> Allergy Therapeutics has shelled out £600,000 to expand its rights to distribute the Anapen epinephrine pen auto-injector in the U.K. and Ireland. Lincoln Medical's Anapen is used to treat anaphylactic shock. Item

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