Argenta gets $2.1M to improve drug delivery for animals

TechNZ, New Zealand's Foundation for Research, Science and Technology's business investment program, has invested $2.1 million in Argenta to help the animal health specialists develop a fully degradable drug delivery device for sheep and cattle.

According to a report on, current animal drug-delivery technology leaves hardware components in the animals' stomachs. The TechNZ investment not only will result in drugs that kill parasites, but will also help develop technology to deliver greenhouse gas control products to ruminants, the site says.

Doug Cleverly, Argenta's chief executive, says a degradable drug delivery device for animals would find a huge market in the European Union. 

"A degradable bolus that can deliver multiple drugs over 100 days appeals to farmers because of the increased animal health benefit, and because of the reduction of labour needed," Cleverly says. 

The device could also be produced at a lower cost. Sounds like a good formula for happy farmers and healthy animals.

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