Amgen deploys West Pharma vials to store its injectable cancer med Imlygic

As drugs arrive in ever more formulations and the complexity of their ingredients increases, the demand for advanced storage solutions increases. Amgen ($AMGN) announced that it is deploying West Pharmaceutical Services' Daikyo Crystal Zenith vials to store its injectable, FDA-approved med Imlygic for recurrent melanoma. The vials can withstand cold storage requirements, and reduce the risk of breakage that exists with glass. "West recognizes the growing demand for high quality and technologically advanced containment systems for today's sophisticated biologic drugs, particularly when there may be challenges of interaction or adsorption related to traditional glass vials," said West Pharma senior vice president and chief technology officer John Paproski, in a statement. "Daikyo Crystal Zenith technology represents an important way to address the needs of our customers in this growing biotechnology market." More