A strategy for designing drug delivery devices; Titan looks to fight addiction;

> Tom Oakley, head of drug delivery at Cambridge Design Partnership, says there needs to be a change in the way devices are designed during usability trials, which are usually part of risk assessment. Instead of only listening to what the patient subjectively says about the device, also take note of every single step in the drug delivery device’s use and "detect opportunities to create innovative new features." Article

> Titan Pharmaceuticals' implanted drug-delivery device helped people fight addiction to heroin and prescription painkillers better than a placebo, a company-funded study found. Titan release | Story

> Bethlehem medical-device maker B. Braun Medical Inc. Tuesday announced that the antibiotic Cefepime is available in the company's Duplex Drug Delivery System. B. Braun's Duplex Drug Delivery System are ready-to-use IV containers that store pre-measured pharmaceuticals and diluent that can be stored at room temperature and fit in automated medication dispensing systems. The system helps reduce errors and make treatment more efficient, the company said. B. Braun release | Report

> The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has announced new contracts to fund research on vaccines to protect against emerging infectious diseases and biological threats that could be used in a terror attack. Each project focuses on simple and efficient vaccine delivery approaches that could be deployed quickly. NIAID release

> Drug delivery patent of the week: Glutathione-based delivery system Patent