A better way to target bone marrow; The babushka doll approach to drug delivery;

> Many diseases and infections begin in the bone marrow, but current strategies to treat them involve IV delivery that also affects healthy cells. Pioneering nanotech researcher Mauro Ferrari and colleagues are using nanoporous silicon particles and a cell adhesion molecule, called E-selectin, that targets bone marrow and delivers a high amount of nanoparticles containing therapeutic drugs to the bone marrow tissue. Report | Abstract

> South African researchers are going to collaborate with their counterparts in Kenya to develop nanotechnology-based drug delivery methods to improve patient compliance in sub-Saharan Africa. Story

> Tiny bubbles made of glass could deliver drugs, says the U.S. Department of Energy. Article

> Scientist in South Korea developed a nanoparticle anti-cancer delivery system made from silica. Item

> Teachers in Muscogee County, GA, are now permitted to administer epinephrine to students, via an EpiPen or other easy-to-use delivery device, if the child is going into anaphylactic shock. Item

And Finally... The Russian babushka doll approach to drug delivery. Item