3M™ Scotchpak™ White Backings and Release Liners Bring Greater Visibility for Transdermal and Dermal Drug Delivery Systems

ST. PAUL, MN – February 4, 2015 – 3M Drug Delivery Systems introduces 3M™ Scotchpak™ White Release Liners and White Backing Film. These transdermal components provide high visibility and improve ease of use for patients and caregivers.

otchpak White Backing films allow the finished transdermal patch to be easy to see and easy to remember, increasing compliance with medication regimens. The film can be written on by the patient or a caregiver, to note both the time of dosing and dose given. It can also be printed on both sides with graphics, logos or instructions.

The release liners are coated with a proprietary 3M fluoropolymer that provides premium release from skin contact adhesives, including silicone, acrylates, polyisobutylene (PIB) and rubber based pressure-sensitive adhesives. The liners also provide excellent chemical stability for a long shelf life.

Recently, global regulatory agencies have emphasized the need to make transdermal patches more visible. The new white color backing enhances patch visibility on the patient, and the white liner makes it easier to peel prior to application on the skin.

"We knew conspicuous patch backing and liner materials were needed in the market, based on customer demand and inquiries we received," said Maurice Kuypers, Global Business Manager, Transdermal Components, 3M Drug Delivery Systems. "Patients and caregivers alike will now have an easier time applying their patch products using the white liner or visually detecting the patch in the case of the white backing."

The liners are available in Premium release (1022W) and Ultra Premium release (9755W) formulations, with 3M Scotchpak™ 9755W offering the lowest release within the 3M Scotchpak™ family of polyester release liners. This liner performs well with soft pressure-sensitive adhesives that have lower internal cohesive strength. The backing is available as 3M Scotchpak™ White Backing Film (9733W), a laminate of polyester and ethyl vinyl acetate that offers occlusivity and conformability.

Available in roll form, 3M Scotchpak™ 9755W/1022W and 3M Scotchpak™ 9733W can be used in the fabrication of both transdermal and dermal drug delivery systems.

For more information, call 1-800-643-8086 or visit go.3M.com/WhiteLiner.


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