The Changing Face of the Modern HCP: How to Engage with the HCPs of the Digital Age

Sponsored by: Razorfish Health, a Publicis Health Company

The healthcare space is experiencing a transformation. The image of today’s modern HCP is moving past the stereotype of the paternalistic white-male doctor: doctors are ethnically and gender diverse. They collaborate with patients on treatment plans versus simply making sage decisions. They are also much more digitally native—many having never known a world without cellphones.

So how do we engage with this modern HCP in a healthcare landscape that is rapidly and continuously evolving in today’s modern world? According to Nafeez Zawahir, MD, the Chief Medical Officer at Razorfish Health, “We need to think about where they are today and where they are going.” And where they are is on their mobile phones, on social media, and living in the digital world.

We also need to think about how their job is evolving. In this new digital age, patients are more information-savvy. They can go online and do their own research. “Because patients are coming with more questions and because treatments are becoming more complex, physicians are going to have to spend a lot more time researching and understanding in order to treat patients better,” says Dr. Zawahir.

This more symmetrical balance of information between patients and physicians has led to more shared decision making and a greater understanding for a patient’s individual needs. Dr. Zawahir says, “Physicians need to fully embrace their new, changing roles.”

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