Tracy Staton

Tracy Staton
Tracy Staton

Tracy Staton is the editor of FiercePharma and FiercePharmaMarketing. She has been a freelance writer for 8 years. Before that, she served as editor of the Dallas Business Journal, editor of Texas Business magazine, and a senior editor at American Way, the inflight magazine of American Airlines. She is based in Vermont and can be reached at [email protected], or find her on LinkedIn.

Stories by Tracy Staton


Forget price hikes pushing Enbrel growth, Amgen says

Amid all the brouhaha on drug prices there's this simple fact: Some drugs can still grow off price hikes. Others can't. Biogen, for instance, reaped most of its Tecfidera sales growth off price increases this year. Amgen says its blockbuster Enbrel's days of growing through price hikes are over.

Roche's Tecentriq turns I/O fight in lung cancer to a 3-way duel

Roche’s new immuno-oncology drug Tecentriq is ready for its close-up in lung cancer. The PD-L1 checkpoint inhibitor nabbed FDA approval for patients who’ve failed on a previous treatment, putting it in head-to-head competition with Merck & Co.’s Keytruda and Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Opdivo.