Michael Gibney

Michael Gibney
Michael Gibney

Michael Gibney is a former editor at FierceMarkets Life Sciences group.

Stories by Michael Gibney

3-D printed tubes make 'assembly line' of nanoparticles for lower-cost drug delivery

Nanotechnology, while still largely in preclinical stages for drug delivery, is thought to be on the cutting edge of the field as a means to develop highly specific, targeted and unobstrusive treatments. And as the research field inches closer to commercialization, the manufacture of such particles will present a bottleneck for companies looking to make a dent if upscaling processes aren't already in place.

The key to mass-producing nanomaterials

Researchers create a system that can scale-up production of the smallest -- but among the most useful -- materials of this century Nanoparticles - tiny particles 100,000 times smaller than the width...
retina scan

Consort Medical backs U.K. retina-mapping startup

Contract drugmaker and delivery specialist Consort Medical has signed with eyecare company Precision Ocular to build up Precision's drug delivery system using Consort's device and manufacturing capabilities. As part of the deal, Consort joined a $19 million financing round for the U.K. startup.