John Carroll

 John Carroll
John Carroll

John D. Carroll is a former editor at FierceBiotech.

Stories by John Carroll

Fierce lands in Asia with our new report: FiercePharmaAsia

When we got started at FierceBiotech more than 13 years ago, our world was actually quite small. The U.S. biotech hubs consumed a lot of our attention, along with the pipelines of all the Big Pharma companies, wherever they were based. But 6 years ago, well after Europe found Fierce, we began to seriously concentrate some added efforts on the continent. The EuroBiotech Report followed, and now we're stepping halfway around the world to focus on Asia with our new, twice-weekly report,FiercePharmaAsia.

Think a $150K cancer drug is pricey? Try a $1M-plus gene therapy

Over the last few years, new technologies have inspired a wave of biotech startups developing gene therapies. Now, one of the field's leading lights is worried about sticker shock for the treatments working their way down the pipeline. No wonder: They're likely to cost $1 million-plus. So, how about a new payment model for these therapies?

NPS begins to rack up sales of pricey SBS drug

NPS Pharmaceuticals ($NPSP) racked up the first quarterly score on its $295,000-a-year treatment for short bowel syndrome, claiming early traction forGattex. To be sure, the numbers are small: 42 patients and 160 prescriptions in Q1.

Patent Cliff II: Nightmare on blockbuster street returns in 2015

Today's look at AstraZeneca's ($AZN) bleak 2012 numbers highlights the market-crunching wallop many of the world's biggest pharma companies have suffered as megablockbusters like Plavix and Singulair have gone off patent. But a new analysis from EvaluatePharma concludes that the industry giants will have almost as much at stake again when the 2015 patent cliff arrives.

New FDA lung cancer OK for Celgene's Abraxane should boost sales

When Celgene bought out Abraxis two years ago for an eye-popping $2.9 billion, it set out to prove that it could do a better job selling the drug for breast cancer while expanding the drug's use with additional approvals. Today it delivered on part of that promise with an FDA OK on first-line use for advanced or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer.

Rise of the biologics has reshaped the list of top 15 drugs

Some of the biggest blockbusters known to the pharma industry have been swept off the patent cliff and tumbled into the brutal land of generic therapies, where low-priced competition awaits to chop up markets. Barring the development of new megablockbusters this list is likely to remain stable for some time. That's positive for the companies and their investors. It will also help fund major R&D operations around the globe. And the drive to improve performance should continue to drive innovation. Click here to check out the full report >>