Vet On Demand Launches First Tele-Health App for Pets, Available for iOS and Android Devices

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Pet parents across the country are given peace of mind as Vet On Demand, the first pet tele-health app to market, is now available for both iOS and Android devices. The recently launched app unveiled this week a new subscription-based model, making it even more convenient for the more than 20,000 users that are currently using the service. Vet On Demand is the only app that offers a real-time visual component to remote veterinary consultations for dogs and cats – saving pet parents time, money and hassle.

"Our goal is to offer the best app possible for pet parents and vets"
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Via any iOS or Android device, users can subscribe to Vet On Demand, save preferred veterinarians to contact in the future, and keep a call history with notes and digital health records. The average call lasts about 10 minutes and more than 85% of calls result in answers and success.

"Our goal is to offer the best app possible for pet parents and vets," says Vet On Demand co-founder Mason Revelette. "Our soft launch has been a huge success and we are so excited to reach more people who love and care for animals like we do. We're not looking to replace in-person veterinary visits with our consultations, but do want to save parents from the dreaded 'Dr. Google' and encourage proactivity when it comes to questions about their pets' health."

Under the direction of Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Phil Baxter, the collective group of veterinarians is available 24/7 and represents 16 states with more being added continually. Users in all 50 states have access to these veterinarians, and can contact them when they are online with the touch of a button. Vet On Demand enables veterinarians to strengthen relationships through increased contact with their current customers as well as increase their client base. Users have the choice to be connected to any available veterinarian or they can save their favorite vets and call them back any time they have a follow up question or concern.

Subscribers can pay a $25 fee for a single use, 10-minute veterinary consultation. For repeat users, there are opportunities to prepay for two, five or ten calls per month. The higher subscription offer is geared towards owners of multiple pets or pet walkers and boarders, who care for other people's animals and want to have the peace of mind associated with a vet that is prepaid and just a video call away.

About Vet On Demand

Vet On Demand is the first pet tele-health app to the market, offering live consultations with licensed veterinarians. The only app that offers a real-time visual component to remote veterinary consultations, Vet On Demand offers pet parents peace of mind when it comes to any questions and concerns regarding their pets' health. Vet On Demand offers 24/7 around the clock care via any iOS and Android device.

Founders Curt and Mason Revelette, along with investor David Lindsey, AmeriDoc founder, created Vet On Demand in May 2015 after their family dog became ill and were convinced that there had to be an easier way to get remote veterinary advice.

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