Santalis Pharmaceuticals Completes the Spin-Off of Roxy's Remedies Inc., a New Brand of Natural Grooming Products for Dogs with Sensitive Skin

SAN ANTONIO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Santalis Pharmaceuticals announced today the successful spin-off of Roxy's Remedies, Inc., a new brand of natural luxury grooming products for dogs with sensitive skin. Series A financing for Roxy's was secured from the San Antonio-based Targeted Technology Fund to commercialize Roxy's proprietary veterinary skin care line. Roxy's Remedies' Pure Relief Spray Gel, formulated with the world's only sustainably cultivated, pharmaceutical grade East Indian Sandalwood Oil (EISO), was launched in October 2015 at the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association meeting. Santalis' EISO is provided to Roxy's Remedies under the terms of an exclusive license. Additional product line extensions are scheduled for launch in 2016 and will be available in the U.S. through leading veterinarians and online ( Roxy's Remedies is the brainchild of Marianne Cronin, a dermatology industry veteran who created Roxy's Remedies to treat chronic atopic dermatitis in Roxy, her Australian Cattle Dog. Through working with Santalis to develop a range of novel human OTC products, Marianne has gained extensive experience with the clinical uses of EISO and stated: "Having developed and marketed health and beauty products for over twenty years, we ensured Roxy's Remedies has all the critical elements for success: brand-efficacy, differentiation, and an omnichannel approach to distribution. We're well-positioned to establish Roxy's Remedies as 'The Natural Solution for dogs with Sensitive skin.'" Veterinary Dermatologist testing will begin this quarter, and the brand will present at the American Veterinary Medical Association's conference in San Antonio this August. ABOUT ROXY'S REMEDIES Founded by Roxy's owners, Marianne Cronin and Vito San Filippo, Roxy's Remedies ( is a new brand of natural grooming products for dogs with itchy, irritated and sensitive skin. Each product in the Roxy's Remedies line is formulated with TFS' sustainably cultivated, pharmaceutical grade EISO, a natural, calming ingredient that has extensive traditional use as a skin-healing agent and is being developed by Santalis as a prescription drug for human skin conditions. With its innovative formulas and true passion for helping dogs everywhere, Roxy's Remedies is the natural choice in grooming and skin care for dogs. ABOUT SANTALIS Santalis is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TFS Corporation, Ltd. (ASX: TFC) and is developing scientifically and clinically validated over the counter and prescription products that utilize TFS' cultivated, sustainable, pharmaceutical-grade East Indian Sandalwood Oil (EISO). Santalis' product development programs are focused in oral health and dermatology, where EISO's well documented safety and anti-infective, anti-proliferative and anti-inflammatory properties are well suited to a number of prevalent and under-served conditions. Santalis has ongoing Phase 2 studies in oral mucositis, pediatric Molluscum contagiosum, pediatric atopic dermatitis (eczema) and psoriasis, and is preparing to initiate a Phase 3 study for pediatric HPV skin warts. ABOUT EAST INDIAN SANDALWOOD East Indian sandalwood has a history as a tradeable commodity spanning thousands of years, but is now endangered due to the illegal harvest of wild trees throughout the world and lack of cultivation in its indigenous habitats. As a result, East Indian sandalwood is the world's most expensive tropical hardwood. East Indian Sandalwood Oil (EISO) is a globally important ingredient in cosmetics and toiletries, Indian consumer products and for medicinal purposes (Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine). The wood is used for high quality carvings and artefacts and religious worship in the Hindu and Buddhist faiths. Due to the efficacy and safety profile of EISO, the global pharmaceutical market has the potential to be a significant consumer of Indian sandalwood. Contacts Santalis Pharmaceuticals Paul Castella, PhD, CEO, 210-399-2316 [email protected] or Roxy's Remedies, Inc. Marianne Cronin, CEO, 818-370-2330 [email protected]