Nuovo Biologics, LLC Announces Academic-Biotech Collaboration with Auburn University's Research Initiative in Cancer

DAVIE, Fla., June 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Researchers from South Florida based Nuovo Biologics LLC and Auburn University's Research Initiative in Cancer (AURIC), have announced an exciting partnership to develop new therapies for cancer. Initially targeting canine malignant melanoma, or skin cancer, a deadly tumor that affects many dogs, the team will be testing Nuovo's innovative anti-cancer peptide drug MMX™ for its ability to treat these tumors.

The National Institutes for Health recently awarded a grant funded by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to support a clinical trial of the new peptide treatment at Auburn University. According to Dr. Bruce Smith, Director of AURIC and leader of the Auburn component of the research effort, the clinical trial will begin to recruit patients as early as June or July of this year.

According to Dr. Jay Yourist, C.E.O. of Nuovo Biologics, "this clinical trial represents the next step in moving MMX™ forward to FDA approval."

Dr. Yourist further stated that he was excited about Nuovo's collaboration with AURIC because they were pursuing a wide variety of interdisciplinary cancer research, ranging from identifying the basic mechanisms that make normal cells become cancerous to a variety of new approaches to treating cancers.

Both AURIC and Nuovo Biologics take a one-health/one-medicine approach to cancer treatment, allowing discoveries in one species to be translated to other species. This latest collaboration builds on a unique collaborative approach Nuovo has implemented with academic institutions, researchers, and veterinarians across the country.

Founded in Davie, Florida in 2010, Nuovo Biologics is focused on developing a unique set of therapeutic protein drugs. Extensive in-vitro and animal model studies have shown these new peptide drugs to be promising in the oncology sphere, but also to have broad anti-viral application. Nuovo's business model leverages strong collaborations to test animal products, which serve as models for the human market moving forward.

SOURCE Nuovo Biologics, LLC