Novozymes enters booming market for poultry probiotics

Danish enzyme maker Novozymes is answering the call for alternatives to animal antibiotics by entering the market for probiotics--the so-called good bacteria that are believed to boost growth and prevent the buildup of bad bugs in animals' guts. Novozymes has partnered with Adisseo France, a subsidiary of chemical maker China National Bluestar, to work on a new line of probiotics for animal health. The move comes as food producers are cutting back on antibiotics use under pressure from the FDA, which has implemented tough new policies meant to stop the spread of antibiotic-resistant bugs in people. Novozymes and its new partner will have plenty of competition in the $500-million-a-year market for probiotic-infused animal feed, though: DuPont, Calpis, and Chr. Hansen are already well-established players in the field. Article