Nova Scotia establishes program to support beef industry and safety standards

A new program funded by the government of Nova Scotia has been established with the purpose of supporting the growing beef industry in the Canadian province as well as improve animal production safety standards.

Nova Scotia Agriculture Minister Keith Colwell

The Nova Scotia Cattle Producers will receive funds to be used in the area of animal health, farm safety, and equipment and investment returns, Agriculture Minister Keith Colwell announced.

Under the program, 40% of new purchases of up to $1,000 will be subsidized when producers need new equipment or transportation. Neck-extending head gates, cattle squeezes and crowding tubs are included in the program.

"Adequate cattle-handling equipment reduces stress on animals as well as reduces the risk of producers being injured by an excited animal," Larry Weatherby, head of the Nova Scotia Cattle Producers, told CTV News.

The program will help bring in between $30 to $40 more per head of cattle when they go to market, Weatherby added. It's estimated there are about 700 registered cattle producers in the province.

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