NEC Brings Proven Innovation to Animal Nutrition Industry with New Company-American Animal Nutrition

BRANSON, Mo., March 31, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- American Animal Nutrition is bringing a wealth of manufacturing knowledge and formulations expertise to animal health professionals and high-caliber products to animal owners.

Created from a shared passion for animal health and longevity as a subsidiary of National Enzyme Company, AAN benefits from the more than 80 years of collective research and expertise of NEC as well as its supply chain mastery and proven reputation.

In the wake of several well-publicized incidents of tainted ingredients in animal nutrition and health products, which resulted in the sickness and death of beloved companions, NEC felt the trust that animal owners put in the products and industry had been violated by these situations. NEC felt compelled to further extend its high-quality and trustworthy products to the animal industry with the same reputation that it offers its human customers.

After much research, NEC knew that it could put its experience and people to work to provide products that exceed market expectations. As animal lovers and owners, the team at NEC decided to take on the challenge; thus, AAN was born.

With that in mind, the AAN commitment to quality is unparalleled in the supplement industry. Each product is rigorously tested for quality and ingredient purity, using the same methods, standards and scrutiny that NEC uses for its human dietary supplements in evaluating AAN animal nutritional supplement ingredients and products.

Ingredients are primarily sourced from domestic suppliers, which are rigorously tested by an independent ISO certified and accredited lab to ensure the products offered have the correct amount of safe and potent ingredients.

Located in Forsyth, Missouri, AAN products are manufactured in the heart of the Ozarks. Being audited by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) ensures that its manufacturing facilities and processes meet the standards put forth by leaders in the industry. AAN products have earned the right to proudly display the NASC quality seal.

After using the collective knowledge and expertise at AAN to formulate our product line with the equine market as our initial focus, the formulas were then submitted to an equine nutritional expert and the product line was finalized to address the issues most commonly faced by equine owners. The AAN product line consists of products for joints, digestion, hoof health, coat and skin, overall wellness, energy, muscle recovery and calming.

American Animal Nutrition will provide custom formulation and contract manufacturing services for a variety of animal nutrition supplement categories, initially focusing on performance equine.

American Animal Nutrition meets the demand for high-quality animal health and nutrition supplements. As a subsidiary of National Enzyme Company, AAN products proudly display the National Animal Supplement Council seal of approval.

For more information about AAN, please visit or call 844.886.0826.



SOURCE American Animal Nutrition