Itchology App for iPhone Helps Pet Owners Care for Itchy Dogs

Pet Health Apps, a leader in software development for pet health monitoring, is pleased to announce the release of Itchology™ for iPhone®. Itchology helps owners of itchy dogs track and make sense of their itchiness, the most common canine health problem leading to veterinary care.

Veterinarians treat itchy dogs for skin allergies more than for any other health problem. Pet Health Apps develops software to help pet owners and veterinarians monitor and manage canine skin diseases. Pet Health App's newest release, Itchology™ for iPhone®, makes it easy for pet owners to track their dog's itch level and record information that can help veterinarians identify possible causes and effective treatments.

By one estimate, over 8 million itchy dogs in the United States are affected by allergic dermatitis. Many more itch due to fleas and other parasites. "Managing itch and allergic dermatitis in dogs relies on getting a detailed history from the owner," explains veterinary dermatologist Jon Plant, President of Pet Health Apps. "Itchology was conceived as an easy and fun way for clients to provide a detailed itch diary for itchy dogs. With Itchology, clients are able to track their dog's itch level and record diet changes, medications, baths and flea exposure."

Allergic dermatitis in dogs can be influenced by changes in weather and pollen levels. Itchology imports and charts temperature, humidity, and pollen forecasts for a user's geographic location. The data collected with Itchology can be shared with a veterinarian through the app. "In the coming months, we will update to make it possible for veterinarians to view the data of pets under their care in a web browser," says Plant. "Itchology is not intended to replace veterinary care. It is designed to give pet owners a way to really help veterinarians manage itchy dogs," he adds. "The largest veterinary dermatology clinics in the US are recommending Itchology to their clients."

Itching in dogs often requires long-term management, from special foods to medications to flea treatment. Itchology includes simple but flexible notifications to remind pet owners of medications and flea treatments. Users can also connect to a community of dedicated dog lovers who share their concerns about this common affliction. "Many people have experienced first-hand the effect itching has on a dog's quality of life", notes Plant. "Itchology's community chat feature puts people in touch with others who understand what their itchy dog may be going through."

Itchology for iPhone is available on the App Store for $4.99. Itchology requires iOS 8.0 or newer. A limited number of Promotional Codes are available to members of the media. Journalists interested in receiving a Promotional Code should send a request to contact(at)itchology(dot)com. Learn more about Itchology at