Integrated Animal Health initiates field trials for scours product suite

Integrated Animal Health (IAH), LLC, a global company focused on identifying and commercializing new-to-the-world animal health solutions, has achieved clinical success with proof of concept trials for its two natural products that help reduce calf health risks associated with scours.

Proof of concept trials on 15 farms in Australia have been completed for Udder-Mate® Genesis™, an oral drench formula given to dairy calves in the first four weeks of life to help reduce the risk of developing scours. Farms trialing the product noted that newborn dairy calves receiving Udder-Mate Genesis thrived when compared to the control groups.

The company has also begun field trials on 900 farms in Australia and New Zealand with its Scour-Mate™ product. Scour-Mate is based on a patented ingredient licensed from Texas EnteroSorbents, Inc. (TxESI). The license covers the calf scour market in the United States, Europe and Australasia. Scour-Mate helps treat scours by binding toxins in the gastrointestinal tract, regardless of the source of the toxin.

"TxESI has been seeking a product development and marketing licensee to use the unique properties of our product in production animals," says Robert H. Carpenter, D.V.M., M.S., founder and president of TxESI. "With the worldwide focus on natural food products having no residues of antibiotics and other chemicals, we believe that IAH corporate goals and products represent a market first for truly effective, all-natural health-supporting products for production animals."

TxESI's patented technology employs a naturally-occurring composition to mitigate the effects of toxins produced by plants, bacteria, fungi or other anti-nutritional toxic products found in food or feed.

"This trial work and licensing agreement are important steps to solidify our groundbreaking approach to scours management for dairy producers," says Blake Hawley, D.V.M., M.B.A., Integrated Animal Health president and chief executive officer. "Our next step will include trial work in the United States."

One-Two Scours Punch
Udder-Mate Genesis and Scour-Mate provide natural options to manage scours in every clinical situation. Udder-Mate Genesis features IAH's patented targeted penetration matrix technology delivering increased vitamin absorption, which is proven to help reduce the risk of scours and provide an immune boost to help improve first-time heifer fertility.

Scour-Mate is an ideal product for calves not on Udder-Mate Genesis that have contracted scours. It features a patented excipient (calcium aluminosilicate, 20 micron-sized) that has exponential toxin adsorption properties. Use of Scour-Mate can help producers avoid unnecessary antibiotic use, while dramatically decreasing the duration and economic impact of scours to help get calves back on track, naturally. Scour-Mate contains GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) ingredients, starts working in 24-48 hours, and contains no bioavailable heavy metals, dioxin or other impurities.

Australian dairy producers who are trialing Scour-Mate are seeing great success. "I was really pleased to see calves respond so quickly and get back on their feet after the first dose," says Adam Nelson from Sundella Holsteins in Drouin, Victoria. "I really didn't think these calves would survive the day, but they were back up looking for a drink that afternoon."

"The success of these products represents another reason why the IAH pipeline is one of the most valuable, ready-harvest pipelines I have ever worked with," says Dr. Hawley. "We are having continued in-depth working discussions with the animal health industry to expand product availability to dairy producers across the globe."