Integrated Animal Health announces product license to Brinicombe Group UK.

Only four weeks after Integrated Animal Health (IAH) announced that it will locate its Global headquarters and commercial operations in the KC Animal Health Corridor, the formerly Australian-based animal health company also announced it intends to sign a four year exclusive product deal for its proprietary dairy feed inclusion technology, Feed Mate as the first international license of the company's global product lines.

"We are very pleased to sign UK based Denis Brinicombe Group as our first International Licensee. The product, which uses a novel and patented delivery system, is known as Udder Mate in Australia, and it has had tremendous success since becoming commercially available in early 2014. We are confident this will be the first of many licenses to be rolled out over the next 12 months" said Rob Neely, Founder & CEO, Integrated Animal Health Pty Ltd.

Dr. Blake Hawley, IAH CEO Americas, said, "Feed Mate is truly an innovation in the dairy industry, as it's a natural product that is inexpensive to the farmer and provides many positive outcomes. While it was originally designed to be a mastitis mitigation technology, it has now proven to be a winner in overall herd health. Farmers are seeing significant decreased antibiotic use in the herd, improved fertility rates, decreased calving problems plus a positive effect on heat stress over summer. All of these areas can be very expensive for the farmer in cost of capital and labor, not to mention the cost to the community of antibiotic use."

"We are seeing decreased antibiotic use in the herds on Udder-Mate, improved fertility rates, and decreased calving problems plus a positive effect on heat stress over summer," continues Dr. Hawley.

Feed Mate™ is a unique and proprietary blend of Tocopherol Phosphates, Beta Carotene and Organic Selenium. It is provided as a feed inclusion ingredient at the feed mill and then sent directly to the farmer, and also available as a high spec pellet for inclusion in the dairy and as a lick or block to accommodate various feeding regimes.

IAH will announce an additional key hire in Europe and a European Office over the next few weeks to support the company's rollout of the technologies it intends to license throughout the world.

"With up to 75 products either in the market or within our pipeline, we are capturing the attention of most, if not all, of the top global animal health companies in the past few months and we are in active discussions with them. The IAH pipeline is one of the most valuable ready harvest pipelines I have ever worked with in my entire career in animal health" said Dr. Hawley.