Focus on High-Growth Segments in the US and European Veterinary Orthopedic Implant Markets Imperative to Gain Market Share

BURLINGTON, Mass., Aug. 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Decision Resources Group finds that the European veterinary orthopedic implant market is less penetrated relative to the market in the United States. The European market continues to be negatively impacted by the eurozone debt crisis, and despite a similar number of veterinarians practicing in both geographies, European veterinarians tend to be less specialized. Therefore, they have not yet adopted some of the new, premium-priced technologies, limiting market size in this geography. Additionally, with a much larger number of household pets in the US as compared to Europe, the US market will remain significantly larger than that of Europe.

Other key findings from the Medtech 360 reports covering the veterinary orthopedic device markets:

Increasing levels of pet insurance: In both the US and Europe, more pet owners are opting to insure their animals, increasing their ability to afford costly veterinary orthopedic procedures that may be required in the future. Although the US has a lower percentage of insured pets than the European countries, this movement toward more animals gaining coverage will contribute to strong market growth in both geographies. 
Surgeon training on the rise: With more companies offering surgeon training seminars on their products, veterinary surgeons are making a shift in the types of products they prefer to use, moving toward advanced devices that were previously not as popular due to lack of training and limited clinical data backing their efficacy.
Acquisitions in the market: Larger distributors have been acquiring device manufacturers in this space to leverage the relationships these manufacturers have with veterinarians. This type of market activity could lead to fewer companies competing, but much more aggressive price competition because larger companies can sustain deeper price cuts.
Comments from Decision Resources Group Analyst Hamza Sajjad:

"Innovation in this space will be seen among both European and US veterinary orthopedic device manufacturers. While the US is home to some exciting innovations such as Everost's biomaterials and Biomedtrix's total joint solutions, European manufacturers such as KYON Veterinary Surgical Products and RITA LEIBINGER have made incredible advancements in the joint replacement and knee ligament reconstruction device segments. Manufacturers in both of these geographies will continue to leverage innovation as a tool to differentiate their products and gain favor among veterinary surgeons, increasing their market share in this space."
"Although many human orthopedic implant manufacturers do not play a large role in this market, there is a lot of overlap between the types of products offered by veterinary and human orthopedic implant manufacturers. This market should really be explored in depth by human orthopedic implant manufacturers, especially those producing trauma solutions, because there is a lot of opportunity to sell similar devices to both types of clients."
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