FDA issues draft guidance on cell-based products for animal use; Veterinary clinical drug trial kicks off in Florida;

> San Francisco-based Kindred Biosciences ($KIN) is enrolling canines in clinical trials for three different drugs approved for humans. Article

> And in Florida, an experimental drug will be administered to dogs for free in a rare veterinary clinical trial to test the treatment of canine skin cancer. Article

> The FDA has found two food producers in violation of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act for the extra-label use of antibiotics administered to their production animals. Here and here

> The FDA is also asking for comments on its policy toward the agency's current thinking on cell-based products for animal use that meet the definition of a new animal drug. Item

> A new "smart" dog collar on the market can monitor a canine's vitals and text the owner if the dog is "sad" based on the readings. Article