FDA announces NADA for Merial's OTC Duocare; Vets see spike in untreatable canine influenza;

> Pets Prefer has announced its KaNoodles product, which it touts as a tasty treat for canine dental hygiene. Release

> Vets in Pennsylvania are reporting a spike in canine influenza, which is only 10 years old--and dangerous, as it remains untreatable. More

> The FDA announced a NADA for Merial's Duocare (ivermectin/pyrantel), an antiparasitic for horses that would not require a veterinary prescription, and Dechra's Osphos (clodronate), for navicular syndrome in horses. Here and here

> The regulator also announced an NADA for Vetoquinol's Folltropin, to induce superovulation in beef and dairy heifers and cows, and an abbreviated NADA for Norbrook's Carprieve Injection (carprofen) to relieve pain and inflammation in canines. Here and here