Costco to eliminate antibiotics-raised chickens; Abaxis wins new USDA approval for rapid test kit;

> Shortly after McDonald's said it would stop selling chicken raised with antibiotics that are also used to treat people, Costco announced it would do the same. Article

> Abaxis ($ABAX) announced that the USDA has approved its VetScan Anaplasma Rapid Test Kit for the detection of A. phagocytophelium and A. platys in dogs. Release

> Ceva Group announced that 2014 sales grew 14% year over year on a constant-currency basis to €766 million ($831.4 million). Release

> Americans spent $15 billion on veterinary care for their pets in 2014, though the number of overall visits to the vet were flat year over year, according to the American Pet Products Association. Article

> Generics maker Putney named Anthony Lucas to the new position of senior vice president of scientific and medical affairs. Release

> The International Society of Feline Medicine has put together an expert panel to produce guidelines for treating and managing the care of cats with diabetes. Release

> Jaguar Animal Health has filed two provisional patent applications related to the use of products derived from the Croton lechleri tree for treating gastrointestinal disorders in animals. Release

> The USDA has confirmed that a new strain of avian influenza was discovered in a commercial poultry flock in Minnesota, though public health officials have declared little risk to human health. Article

> Krka of Slovenia announced that its animal health product sales rose 9% year over year in 2014 to €46.5 million ($50.5 million), which represented 3.9% of total sales. Release

> Clongen Laboratories of Gaithersburg, MD, announced that it has launched a veterinary diagnostics services division offering 100 new assays to detect diseases in animals. Release