American poultry prices at all-time high with breeding problems; Researchers closing in on improved vaccine for bovine viral diarrhea;

> The CDC is being investigated for safety lapses after it shipped a dangerous strain of avian influenza to a poultry research lab run by the Department of Agriculture. Item (sub. req.)

> Abbott Laboratories ($ABT) is gearing up to enter China's dairy market through striking a $300 million joint venture with the world's largest milk processor, Fonterra Cooperative Group Ltd. Article

> San Francisco-based Jaguar Animal Health named Ian Parker, with 30 years of experience in the industry, its vice president of commercial operations. Jaguar develops and commercializes gastrointestinal products for companion and production animals. Release

> America's poultry production is suffering as the world's largest chicken breeder, Aviagen Group, is having a rooster sperm-count problem--and beef and pork prices are already at an all-time high. Article

> Louisiana is tightening regulations on livestock entering from a state with reported cases of vesicular stomatitis after reported cases in Texas. Item

> Scientists at South Dakota University are working to develop a better vaccine for bovine viral diarrhea infections, which results in about $2 billion in damages to U.S. herds a year. Report