Looks like the third time was a charm for Roche’s Perjeta when it comes to postsurgery treatment of HER2-positive breast cancer.

Eli Lilly's new Emgality work is based on research with patients who experience the sometimes debilitating effects of migraine but refuse to give up.

AstraZeneca's outperforming fourth-quarter results show it is indeed back on the growth track, thanks to its cancer drugs—and once again, China.

More than a year after CNN's exposé about Avanir's Neudexta marketing, the company is nearing a settlement with U.S. officials.

Facing “historic” liabilities from lawsuits claiming its products caused cancer, J&J supplier Imerys Talc America filed for bankruptcy Wednesday.

The FDA uncovered data integrity issues at the Immunomedics plant in New Jersey where it makes the cancer drug for which it was issued a CRL.

Playing catch-up in orphan drugs, China will cut tax rates for some therapies by more than 80%.

Teva's Copaxone is losing ground to generic competition—and the company's newer drugs aren’t taking off fast enough to make up for the loss.