A group of lawyers in China have drafted an open letter calling for more legislation to ensure vaccine safety.

The CDC is preparing a new avian influenza vaccine candidate amid an outbreak in China.

Novavax isn’t letting a bruising phase 3 failure for its RSV vaccine kill its enthusiasm around the program.

Astellas just forged a licensing deal with Affinivax to develop a pneumococcal vaccine. Their target? Pfizer’s Prevnar 13—the world’s best-selling vaccine.

After some nonprofit organizations made noise about the U.S. Army’s plans to license a Zika vaccine to Sanofi, several lawmakers say it’s a bad idea.

This year’s flu vaccine is working for almost half of recipients, the CDC says in an update on what it’s calling a “moderate” season.

NIH has launched a phase 1 trial to test a vaccine that aims to fight a wide range of mosquito-borne diseases.

Sanaria’s malaria vaccine posted more positive clinical data, but a notable gap compared with results from U.S. studies calls for regimen improvements.