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Latest Headlines

Xellia Pharma buys former Boehringer Ben Venue plant, once the poster child of quality failings

Denmark's Xellia Pharmaceuticals has bought the former Ben Venue plant, at one time the most notorious U.S. plant under FDA supervision, a facility responsible for dozens of recalls and a slew of drug shortages.

Shortages, soaring generic injectable drug prices leave hospitals scrambling

Hospital pharmacy folk understand supply and demand and realize that when there is a shortage of the generic injectables drugs they routinely use, a big price hike is coming. What they don't get is why when another supplier jumps into the market, prices come down little, if any.

Taco Bell joins fast food peers with cage-free egg pledge

Taco Bell is a bit late to the cage-free egg party, but the company is showing up nonetheless. The fast food giant recently announced a plan to only serve cage-free eggs at its more than 6,000 U.S. restaurants, echoing similar pledges from its fast food peers including McDonald's and Panera.

Catalent stops production at French plant, brings in law enforcement after it twice detects tampering

U.S.-based Catalent has halted production at a drug manufacturing facility in France at the request of regulators after several incidents in which it appears someone within the plant purposely mixed the wrong capsules into batches. The company said it is working with French law enforcement and regulators to find out what happened.

History suggests a Pfizer-Allergan hookup would mean sizable cuts in manufacturing

The history of both Pfizer and Allergan suggests that a merger would mean headcount across the board would be trimmed and that the manufacturing network would be in line early for a haircut.

Regeneron expanding New York campus again, adding 300 jobs

Rapidly expanding Eylea-maker Regeneron Thursday announced that it will invest another $150 million to grow its Tarrytown, NY, campus with plans to add another 300 jobs,  The Journal News  reports.

Women sue Endo and Patheon after mixed-up contraceptives result in pregnancies

What is a drugmaker's responsibility when a packaging problem results in an unplanned pregnancy and the consumer is looking for financial support for raising a child they weren't prepared to have? That is what more than 100 women intend to discern with suits against Endo Health Solutions and Patheon.

FDA cites Pfizer for shortfalls at Chinese manufacturing plant

The FDA and European regulators, which have long had concerns about the quality of drugs being manufactured by Chinese companies, are now finding issues at some Chinese plants owned by Big Pharma. The FDA has cited a Pfizer plant in China, while U.K. regulators recently found shortcomings at a GlaxoSmithKline plant there.

Sanofi recalls all of its Auvi-Q devices, undercutting its push to steal EpiPen market share

A couple of years ago, Sanofi released an epinephrine injection device that gives audio and visual cues for caregivers, hoping the high-tech pen could grab some of the sales from Mylan, whose EpiPen product ruled the market. But Sanofi stumbled seriously on Wednesday when it issued a recall of all of its devices because they may be giving the wrong dose.

Sun Pharma pulls 1 million boxes of generic Claritin in further Ranbaxy cleanup

Ranbaxy's U.S. manufacturing operation, Ohm Laboratories, is recalling more than 1 million boxes of loratadine, its generic version of Bayer's allergy med Claritin.