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Latest Headlines

Sources: Sanofi tells unions a 25% gain at French production sites is needed

Very public run-ins between ex-Sanofi CEO Chris Viehbacher and France's powerful unions were one factor that reportedly cost him his job. Now his replacement, Olivier Brandicourt, will see if he can do any better as he tries to negotiate a deal to significantly boost efficiencies at the company's French production sites.

Pfizer adding dozens of jobs at Ireland plant that was slated to close last year

Pfizer recently gave up plans to try to turn its cholesterol fighter Lipitor into an OTC drug, but sales of the drug have remained surprisingly strong for a product that went off patent nearly four years ago. That has led Pfizer to add jobs at a factory in Ireland that two years ago teetered on the brink of closure.

Novo Nordisk strikes deal with Iran government to produce insulin pens in the country

Novo Nordisk will step up its operations in Iran, saying today it will build a €70 million ($78.1 million) plant to produce its FlexPen prefilled devices to better supply the country with its insulin products.

Endo's generics unit Qualitest recalls gout, blood pressure meds

Endo's Alabama plant where its Qualitest unit makes generics is recalling a couple of drugs, some for being outsized and off-color.

Dutch pension fund pulls out of Mylan amid death penalty drug concerns

Europeans have had a bone to pick with companies supplying death penalty drugs to U.S. prisons, with government officials restricting exports and prompting shortages. Now a Dutch pension fund is selling out of Mylan, after discovering that one of its products is stocked at a U.S. prison that carries out executions.

UPDATED: Novo to spend $1.2 billion, hire 700 for its first major drug plant in U.S.

With a game-changing oral diabetes treatment moving through clinical trials, Novo Nordisk will spend about $1.2 billion on its first API plant in the U.S., a project that is expected to bring 700 jobs. As part of the 5-year project, it will also expand a plant in Denmark.

Shire rejigs manufacturing deal to step up Cinryze production

Shire has big plans for rare-disease drug Cinryze, which it acquired through its ViroPharma buyout. And it's struck a new deal to make sure it has the capacity to realize them.

Allergan recalls eye drugs after patients complain of particles, blurred vision

Since Allergan and Actavis joined hands to become a new-look Allergan, the company has already had to recall a from the Actavis side. Now, it's recalling one from the Allergan side, putting a call out for certain lots of eye-treatment ointments sold in the U.S.--and it's already received some consumer complaints.

GSK OTC push marred by super-sized recall of toothpaste

The decision of GlaxoSmithKline CEO Andrew Witty to double down on consumer health products has not been very popular with some investors, who question the strategy of focusing on low-margin, high-volume products like toothpaste. Well, Witty has a whole lot less toothpaste to sell right now, since GSK has recalled more than 3.9 million tubes that may have more than whitener in them.

FDA hammers Mylan sterile injectable plants for serious contamination issues

The recent recall of 8 lots of injectable cancer drugs, some of which Mylan made for client Pfizer, was just a prelude to an FDA warning letter, it turns out. The agency today posted the letter, aimed at three plants in India that Mylan got in its deal for Agila Specialties two years ago.