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Latest Headlines

FDA slaps Valeant with a warning letter. Will Allergan slap it, too?

Tuesday, Valeant Pharmaceuticals said the FDA had served up a warning letter about its Sculptra Aesthetic manufacturing, citing problems it observed during a June 2014 inspection. The missteps from manufacturing standards might just fuel the fire from hostile buyout target Allergan.

Gilead preps new 500-employee plant near current San Dimas site

Gilead Sciences is plotting a new, 400,000-square-foot manufacturing site near its current plant in San Dimas, CA, local media reports.

Merial expands NexGard plant in Brazil with $25M infusion

The animal health industry is seeing robust activity in Brazil these days. Merial, Sanofi's animal health company, announced it is pouring $25 million into its Paulínia, Brazil, plant to increase the production of NexGard, the chewable flea and tick treatment for dogs introduced this year.

Roche says fake MabThera has surfaced in EU

Roche is again tracking down counterfeits of some of its cancer meds in Europe after an importer in Germany discovered the fakes. In this case, it is counterfeit MabThera, sold as Rituxan in the U.S.

Forest plan to force Alzheimer's patients to new drug tripped up by supply issues

Is it possible to be just too clever when it comes to marketing? That is something that Actavis CEO Brent Saunders will find out now that his decision to stop making the original version of the Alzheimer's treatment Namenda has turned into a production pileup for the company.

Survey: Midwest corridor is a global magnet for animal health companies

A new survey released earlier this week said that more than half of the worldwide sales of animal health, diagnostics and pet food sales are generated from companies located along what is marketed as the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor.

Boehringer Ingelheim's Vetmedica to open $30M facility near Kansas City

Vetmedica will open a $28.7 million warehouse and packaging facility this week in St. Joseph, MO, where the Boehringer Ingelheim animal health unit is headquartered.

Elanco closing former ChemGen plant, moving production to the U.K.

Eli Lilly is consolidating all of its animal enzyme manufacturing operations to the U.K. A spokesperson for the Indianapolis-based company has announced that it will now close an Elanco plant in Terre Haute, IN, as part of the move across the pond.

J&J builds 9-month supply of Doxil with creative problem solving

A Johnson & Johnson exercise in creative problem solving has paid off for doctors and patients who rely on its ovarian cancer drug Doxil, availability of which has been uncertain for years. Its Janssen unit has accumulated a significant supply after assuming manufacturing at Boehringer Ingelheim plant that otherwise was closed down at the end of the year.

Irish workers can thank Pfizer's off-patent meds for saving their jobs

One hundred Irish Pfizer jobs once tapped for chopping are now safe, and the company's off-patent meds, like Lipitor, are the saviors.