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Latest Headlines

Sanofi's Toujeo gets the love from EU regulators that FDA withheld

Not only did Sanofi snag an EU recommendation for its Lantus follow-up drug Toujeo just two days after the FDA approved it, but regulators in Europe also gave the drug a bit of a kiss that the FDA did not. They noted that it is better at preventing low blood sugars.

SC's top court backs Risperdal verdict against J&J, but cuts penalty to $136M

It's bad news and good news for Johnson & Johnson's legal department today. South Carolina's Supreme Court upheld a jury verdict against the company in a Risperdal marketing lawsuit, but did slash the $327 million judgment by more than half.

Sanofi's fight for Toujeo market share won't be easy, analysts say

Sanofi has its second diabetes approval in as many months: Toujeo, its long-acting follow-up to the megablockbuster Lantus. It's a big moment for the French drugmaker and its diabetes franchise, which needs the new drugs to perform, and quickly, to cushion the blow from forthcoming Lantus biosimilars.

Who's the new king of the drug launch hill? Hint: It's all in the Gilead family

Move over, Sovaldi--there's a new launch king in town. And luckily for Gilead, it's another of its own. Harvoni has officially unseated its hep C predecessor, putting up sales figures and script numbers that beat Sovaldi's at this point in its launch.

Amphastar pays some rebates after price of overdose drug doubles

Police and public safety departments around the country have been stocking up on naloxone from Amphastar Pharmaceuticals and other makers as a way to fight heroin and painkiller overdoses. But with prices for the drug doubling in the last year, some are accusing the small California company of overpricing the overdose drug and are asking for some of their money back.

Here's a switcheroo: HIV activists target Gilead for holding back on Truvada marketing

Gilead Sciences is no stranger to criticism. Consider the years-long outcry over HIV and hep C drug prices. But now the California-based company finds itself in a strange--yet somehow familiar--spotlight. At a time when the pharma industry is drawing fire for marketing its drugs to doctors, Gilead is drawing fire for not marketing enough.

Say what? CVS Health execs figure PCSK9 meds to cost up to $150B

CVS Health is raising eyebrows with a new estimate: A coming class of pricey cholesterol meds could cost the U.S. as much as $150 billion per year.

Shanghai official linked to GSK bribery sentenced to 19 years in prison

The GlaxoSmithKline officials accused of orchestrating its $489 million Chinese bribery scandal may have dodged prison sentences in the country, but a Shanghai health official linked to the British pharma won't be so lucky.

Supplies of Roche's Tamiflu drained in HK as monthlong H3N2 outbreak hits

SINGAPORE-- Hong Kong health facilities say a monthlong outbreak of H3N2 influenza has drained their supply of the drug they use for treatment, Roche's Tamiflu.

Sanofi sees major China boost from heart, diabetes drugs, exec says

SINGAPORE-- China sales of Sanofi's heart and diabetes drugs contributed heavily to sales growth in the country last year, with the market witnessing twice the growth of the rest of the world combined.