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Latest Headlines

Mallinckrodt boosts buyback plan amid news of a 2,000% price hike on infant drug

Mallinckrodt's shares have suffered since short seller Citron Research called out the company's pricing policies and marketing efforts last week. A newly disclosed price hike set off a storm of criticism earlier this week. Now, the company is seeking to gin up shareholder support with a $500 million boost to its stock-buyback program.

Post-AASLD, Gilead's lead in hep C looks as solid as ever: Analysts

Analysts handicapping the competitors in hepatitis C, current and future, say Gilead Sciences is likely to continue dominating the field, though it might cede some niches to newer rivals.

Express Scripts rolls out value-based pricing for cancer meds

Express Scripts will put its money behind a new value-based reimbursement model next year, using comparative data and indication-specific pricing to favor "clinically superior" meds. The pharmacy benefits manager will roll out the approach in cancer first, with anti-inflammatory meds close behind.

Millennial men lead the charge in seeking info from pharma marketing

Men have pharma needs, too. Traditional pharma marketing strategies target women, following common marketing wisdom that women control or influence the vast majority of household purchases, up to 80% or more depending on which study you read. But new research from ID Media points to men taking a more active role in healthcare. 

Shortages, soaring generic injectable drug prices leave hospitals scrambling

Hospital pharmacy folk understand supply and demand and realize that when there is a shortage of the generic injectables drugs they routinely use, a big price hike is coming. What they don't get is why when another supplier jumps into the market, prices come down little, if any.

Cancer, hep C and other specialty meds to drive global drug market to $1.4T by 2020

Drug spending is on the rise, according to a new report from the IMS Institute of Healthcare Informatics. Total global spending on pharma products is expected to shoot up to $1.4 trillion by 2020, a 29-32% leap--or $349 billion increase--from 2015, the company said.

J&J undercuts Celgene's Pomalyst with $135K-per-year Darzalex price

Johnson & Johnson's new multiple myeloma treatment Darzalex (daratumumab) scored a speedy FDA approval, entering a market that's already crowded with last-ditch treatments. But the company is hoping an impressive response rate will help the new med knock aside Celgene's Pomalyst and Amgen's Kyprolis in the battle for market share.

Can Valeant win without big price hikes? Early Addyi scripts aren't a good sign

Addyi, the female libido drug developed by Sprout Pharmaceuticals, was rejected twice by the FDA and abandoned by Boehringer Ingelheim before a public lobbying campaign helped push it onto the market last month. Valeant dropped $1 billion to buy Sprout soon after the drug's FDA approval. That bet isn't working out as planned, at least so far.

Stepped-up Nucynta sales push starts paying off for Depomed

Depomed's relaunch of the Nucynta franchise--purchased earlier this year from Johnson & Johnson--is off to a running start, the company said last week with its Q3 earnings announcement. And it expects that momentum to carry it all the way to blockbuster land.

Analysts improve outlook for Teva's Copaxone as it shakes off Novartis competition

Teva did everything in its power to block generic copies of lead drug Copaxone from hitting the market. But now that one is here--Novartis' Glatopa--the Israeli drugmaker's giant is faring better than industry watchers expected.