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Latest Headlines

Recent controversy hasn't hurt brand value for Pfizer, Valeant: report

Pfizer and Valeant both posted brand valuation increases greater than 30% in this year's Brand Finance ranking.

Novartis defies naysayers with newfangled pay-for-performance deals on Entresto

Novartis launched its new heart failure drug Entresto under a big spotlight. Market-watchers were predicting a quick zero-to-blockbuster hit, and Novartis execs said the drug might be the company's biggest launch ever.

Pfizer builds on early Ibrance lead as Novartis, Lilly rivals inch closer

Pfizer's Ibrance has already been prescribed to more than 20,000 patients, and the company says it has a "very heavy" clinical trial program testing it in multiple types of breast cancer and beyond.

PhRMA kicks off new ad campaign to doctor pharma's tarred image

Big pharma knows that lawmakers are hopping mad over drug price increases. So the industry is launching an ad campaign to try to get back in politicians' good graces and repair its tarred image as the debate over drug pricing rages on.  

Doctors pounce on 'alarmist,' 'horrifying' Novartis heart-failure ad

It's not often that a disease-awareness campaign makes unwanted waves. But Novartis' recently launched heart failure push is doing just that--literally and figuratively.

Media-magnet hearing on Capitol Hill gets underway, with Valeant, Turing under spotlight

Pharma eyes are watching Capitol Hill on Thursday, where drug-price hikes will go on trial in a much-publicized congressional committee hearing. Valeant interim CEO Howard Schiller and ex-Turing Pharmaceuticals chief Martin Shkreli will get a grilling, though Schiller is the only one expected to answer any questions.

Blockbuster new launches coming from Intercept, Gilead and Merck: Reuters

The pharma industry heralded 11 new blockbusters in 2015, an act that's tough to follow. But while 2016 may not see quite that many, it's still on track to ring in 7 new therapies that have a shot at cracking the billion-dollar sales mark, a new analysis says.

Merck sets $54K list price for hep C combo as it preps for battle with Gilead, AbbVie

Industry watchers have long been speculating on how Merck would take on heavyweights Gilead and AbbVie when it priced its new hep C regimen. And now, they have their answer: Undercut them. Big-time.

Angered by Walgreens deal, Express Scripts blocks access to Valeant's Glumetza

PBM giant Express Scripts has long been a leader in the fight to tamp down drug prices, and now, it's using its formulary power to freeze out a diabetes drug from controversial Valeant.

Riding Q4 diabetes growth, Lilly aims for even more with Jardiance

It was a "very quiet quarter overall" for Eli Lilly & Co., in the words of Bernstein analyst Tim Anderson. But the company expects things to get plenty more exciting if its diabetes med Jardiance wins a label change, an event it's anticipating for the second half of this year.