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Latest Headlines

German cost watchdogs look askance at uniQure's $1.4M gene therapy

German cost-effectiveness watchdogs aren't among pharma's favorite people. Since lawmakers instituted a tough price-setting process, state officials have questioned the benefits of one new drug after another--to the point where some drugmakers decided not to launch there at all.

J&J promises new uses for old meds to keep pharma sales flying high

Johnson & Johnson is riding high on strong sales for standout meds, but some slowdown could be on the horizon as competition increases for its top-selling drugs. And J&J is not going down without a fight, planning to roll out new versions of old meds to keep its pharma numbers in tip-top shape.

Actavis wins more hearts on Wall Street as 'top 4' Morgan Stanley pick

Bill Ackman may be selling down the Actavis share he acquired when his plan to force an Allergan sale to Valeant failed. But for other investors, now's a good time to buy the Dublin drugmaker's stock, as far as Morgan Stanley is concerned.

Lechleiter takes up Big Pharma's torch to 'debunk' negative myths

Eli Lilly & Co. CEO John Lechleiter is trying to debunk the "Five Big Myths" about Big Pharma. In a Forbes column, Lechleiter takes on the claim that R&D spending is exaggerated to justify high prices--plus four more.

Relax, J&J--Eliquis may be surging, but Xarelto's safe for now

Pfizer and Bristol-Myers Squibb's new-age anticoagulant, Eliquis, has been ramping up after a slow start. But Johnson & Johnson, maker of market leader Xarelto, need not worry, thanks to that med's wide base of indications and hefty clinical trials program.

Hep C patient sues Blue Cross for blocking access to Harvoni

A patient denied the latest hepatitis C drugs has sued her insurance company. In this case, it's Anthem Blue Cross, and the California plaintiff says her plan blocked her from treatment because she's not sick enough to qualify under its rules.

Big Pharma's a C student, rep study finds, with Bayer at the top, Novartis at bottom

When it comes to Big Pharma's reputation, "average" says it all. That's the story from the research firm Reputation Institute, which perennially puts major drugmakers right smack in the middle of its scorecard. In other words, pharma is a C student.

Which global markets should drugmakers target? China, yes--but old European standbys, too

Big Pharma has some serious ground to cover when it comes to global sales and marketing. Worldwide spending for prescription branded drugs and generic medicines is set to increase 30% from 2013-2018, a yearly growth rate of more than 5%, with $1.3 trillion in annual global drug sales on the line, according to data from the Institute of Healthcare Informatics cited by  The Motley Fool  blog. And drugmakers should look past traditional markets for their cut of the profits.  

ImmuCell enjoys spoils of success as demand for calf protector exceeds supply

Maine-based ImmuCell announced Tuesday that sales in its first quarter skyrocketed 49% year-over-year to $3.1 million, with the majority of the boost coming from a 62% increase in sales of First Defense, a medicine that protects calves from a disease called scours. The company swung from a net loss of $13,000 in the first quarter of 2014 to a net profit of $479,000.

Endo plots a double-sized salesforce, new DTC push for Stendra relaunch

Not satisfied with the way its new purchase Auxilium had handled Stendra marketing, Endo plans to relaunch the erectile dysfunction med, which it sells in partnership with Vivus. Endo is doubling the size of the Stendra salesforce, rolling out a new DTC effort, and keeping a close eye on inventory levels, which had built up too much for its taste.