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Latest Headlines

NIH urged to 'break taboo' against using its power to bypass drug patents

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has said that it would take "extraordinary" circumstances for the agency to address rising drug prices, even as skyrocketing costs draw criticism from patients, payers and the public. But two organizations think that it's about time for the NIH to act. And they're not mincing words with their request.

NIH and HHS get 'march-in' request for Astellas' Xtandi

Less than a week after lawmakers asked the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to take "extraordinary" action against rising drug prices, the agencies are getting a similar request from a nonprofit and cancer patient group. The latest target? Astellas' prostate cancer drug, Xtandi.

FTC stats show pharma backing off pay-for-delay deals after SCOTUS ruling

For years, the Federal Trade Commission lamented the ever-growing number of pay-for-delay patent settlements--three in 2005, 14 in 2007, up to a record 40 in 2012--and vowed to turn the tide. Now, it looks as if that's happening.

UPDATED: Congressional reps urge the NIH to 'march in' on rising drug prices

Up in arms about rising drug prices, a cadre of lawmakers have called for Congressional action. But the lawmaking process won't happen quickly enough for some of them. They're urging officials at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to take some "extraordinary" action.

Roche resolves patent war with India's Glenmark over generic Tarceva

Roche is burying the hatchet with India's Glenmark in a patent war over its cancer drug Tarceva, settling outstanding litigation with the company even as it wages a battle with another Indian generics maker over a patent for the med.

Celgene opens door for early launch of Revlimid generics

Just in time for the holidays, Celgene settled the score with Natco Pharma over patents for its cancer blockbuster Revlimid. The company is allowing the Indian generics maker to start selling copycat versions of its best-selling drug before Revlimid goes completely off patent in 2027, but with a few strings attached.

Merck notches another win in India patent battle over diabetes bestsellers

Everything is coming up roses for Merck in its patent battle with India's Glenmark Pharmaceuticals over copycats of the drugmaker's diabetes meds Januvia and Janumet, as the Delhi High Court barred the generics company from selling cheap knockoff versions of the drugs in the country.

Early Gilenya generics now spell trouble for rival MS drugs

Last week, the U.S. Patent Trial and Appeal Board took a long-term Gilenya patent out of commission, putting the Novartis multiple sclerosis drug in line for early generic competition.

U.K. patient group demands government override Roche's Kadcyla patents

Roche has been facing pricing pushback for its breast cancer drug Kadcyla in the U.K., with the country's cost watchdog nixing the med last year and the Cancer Drugs Fund recently rejecting it from its covered list. Now, patients are voicing their discontent, calling on Britain's health minister to override the company's Kadcyla patents and open the door for lower-priced copies.

UPDATED: Novartis falls short in controversial IPR process as board nixes Gilenya patent

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's review board has dealt its first blow to Big Pharma. The appeal panel nixed a patent on Novartis' multiple sclerosis blockbuster Gilenya, handing a win to challenger Torrent Pharmaceuticals--and fellow generics makers Mylan and Apotex, which had filed a separate challenge.