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Latest Headlines

Sanofi hits Lilly with more Lantus infringement charges

Sanofi has already slapped Eli Lilly with one patent infringement lawsuit over its Lantus copy, effectively keeping the competitor off the market until at least mid-2016. But now, it's filed another, wider suit.

Teva trots out genetics in new petition against Copaxone copies

Teva just won't give up on delaying generic Copaxone. Its latest tactic: filing a citizen petition with the FDA to once again push for full-scale, placebo-controlled clinical trials for all copies of its multiple sclerosis med.

Chinese companies ready to pump out generic Viagra as patent expires

Pfizer's patent for erectile dysfunction drug Viagra goes off patent in China next month and drugmakers are lining up to produce cheap versions of the little blue pill.

Roche and Cipla are ordered to mediate in a new twist on Indian IP fights

Roche and Cipla are writing a new chapter in the bitter battles that have been fought by Western drugmakers over their patents in India. They are in mediation over the patent for Roche's blockbuster cancer fighter Tarceva, in what may be the first case to take this route.

Vivus hits Actavis with Qsymia patent-infringement lawsuit

Weak Qsymia sales have been the all-important issue for Vivus since the highly anticipated obesity therapy stumbled out of the gate, inspiring an all-out proxy war that wreaked havoc on the company's boardroom. And the California company isn't about to cede what market share it does have to Actavis--at least, not without a fight.

Allergan loses Latisse patent fight, jeopardizing up to $200M in sales

As Allergan tries to fend off Valeant's hostile advances, it's been touting its sales prospects as a standalone company. But with a Tuesday court ruling invalidating patents on its eyelash growth drug Latisse, its top-line potential could shrink a little down the line.

U.K. court cuts Alimta exclusivity short, threatening Lilly's European sales

Eli Lilly lost a patent fight with Actavis in English High Court, in a ruling that paves the way for copycat competition not only in that country, but several others in Europe.

Pfizer concedes Celebrex to Actavis, Teva after 2015 patent strike-down

Pfizer has settled its patent fight with Teva Pharmaceutical Industries and Actavis, allowing both generics companies to launch Celebrex copies in December at the latest. That's 6 months after the 2014 patent expiration, but 12 months ahead of the reissued 2015 method patent.

Full steam ahead for Copaxone copies as SCOTUS denies Teva's bid for delay

Last week, generics makers asked the Supreme Court to let them launch their copies of Teva's Copaxone while it hears the Israeli company's appeal over the drug's patents. Now, they'll likely get that chance. Chief Justice John Roberts rejected Teva's bid to block competition until the court clash wraps, meaning generics could hit as soon as next month.

Generics makers ask SCOTUS to let them proceed with Copaxone copies

Teva wants generics makers to hold off on launching their copies of multiple sclerosis drug Copaxone until the Supreme Court hears its appeal in a patent fight over the drug. And unsurprisingly, those generics companies are not that into the idea.