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Latest Headlines

CBO: Stop Bass-style patent challenges, and you'll pay $1.3B more for drugs

Hedge funder Kyle Bass says his pharma patent challenges may be a moneymaking strategy--but that doesn't mean they're not beneficial to society, too. And according to a new analysis by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), he's right.

AbbVie scores one against FTC in pay-for-delay AndroGel suit

AbbVie escaped the wrath of the FTC in a pay-for-delay suit over AndroGel generics, as a federal judge who previously threw out antitrust claims against the company rejected the agency's attempts to reconsider its case.  

U.S. patent office puts new Copaxone's IP shield under the lens

Teva's patents on Copaxone faced plenty of scrutiny before they were eventually upturned, paving the way for Sandoz's generic, Glatopa. Now, though, its IP protection on its new, long-acting version of the drug is under the microscope, too--and the Israeli drugmaker's prospects for hanging onto its patents don't look great.

Eli Lilly pops the bubbly on U.S. Alimta patent victory

Eli Lilly has fought tooth and nail to protect a patent for its blockbuster cancer drug Alimta, chalking up some victories in the U.S. despite setbacks overseas. Now the company is celebrating a big win as a federal court ruled in its favor, barring copycat versions of the drug and granting Lilly 5 more years of U.S. exclusivity for Alimta.

Bass failed at challenging Acorda's patents. Can pharma rest easy now?

On his first trip up to the patent-office plate, Kyle Bass struck out. A U.S. review board nixed the hedge funder's challenge to two Acorda Therapeutics patents, sending the drugmaker's shares soaring--and showing Bass that his short-selling crusade against "low quality" pharma patents won't be an easy home run.

Nervous drugmakers await decision on Bass' Ampyra patent challenge

Hedge-fund manager Kyle Bass has been causing his fair share of consternation among drugmakers this year, challenging patents on products from companies whose stocks he's shorted. Pharma companies, unsurprisingly, haven't been too pleased with his tactics, though--and by next week they could learn how the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office feels about the matter.

Endo scores victory in Opana ER generics patent battle

Endo Health Solutions has been facing an uphill battle with its pain med Opana ER, working hard to thwart generic competition for the drug as sales take a hit. But the company is enjoying a bright point in its saga, winning a ruling in a U.S. District court which bars generic copycats of Opana.

Patent challenger Bass shrugs off Celgene's attack on his short-selling motives

Money makes the world go round--the patent world, that is. That's the word from hedge funder Kyle Bass, who has been targeting drug patents he calls "low quality," and shorting pharma stocks along the way.

Unions accuse Novartis of 'sham' patent fight to delay Sun's Gleevec generics

Two union funds are suing Novartis, claiming that the Swiss drugmaker used "sham" patent-infringement claims to delay a generic version of its blockbuster leukemia drug Gleevec. Though just the latest in a series of legal battles over drug patent settlements, it's the first attempt by purchasers to block one of those settlements, the plaintiffs' lawyers said.

Eli Lilly scores a multibillion-dollar win in Alimta's EU patent fight

Eli Lilly scored a victory in its patent battle for lung cancer blockbuster Alimta in Europe, as the Court of Appeal in London ruled against Actavis' plan to market copycat versions of the med.