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Latest Headlines

Would Ian Read keep his AZ deal promises? U.K. panel eyes new rules to enforce them

Remember all those industrial and investment promises Pfizer made when it was trying to snag AstraZeneca earlier this year? The body that polices U.K. dealmaking is eyeing new rules that would give it more power to enforce such promises, should Pfizer--or another company--come calling in the future.

Medtronic launches wearable cardiac monitor acquired from Corventis

Medtronic launched the wireless, adhesive heart monitor that it acquired when it bought startup Corventis in June reportedly for more than $150 million. The monitor can be worn up to 30 days to detect and diagnose the cause of irregular heartbeats. But the device remains a second-line tool behind the bulky Holter monitor.

Danaher cements commitment to dental with $2.2B Nobel acquisition

A long-anticipated acquisition of Nobel Biocare is now officially in the works as Danaher said it would acquire the dental company for about $2.2 billion. The deal is expected to make Danaher the market leader in dental equipment and consumables.

With inversion pushback mounting, Akorn eyes bid for UCB subsidiary

The threat of action from lawmakers may have put a damper on pharma's tax inversion frenzy, but it has not stopped the wave of deals that are taking American drugmakers overseas. Next up could be Illinois' Akorn, which is reportedly looking into a bid for Belgian pharma UCB's U.S. subsidiary.

Kimberly-Clark healthcare biz spinoff slated for Nov. 1

Kimberly-Clark's spinoff of its $1.6 billion healthcare business is scheduled to occur Nov. 1, with the launch of newly independent company Halyard Health.

Allergan special meeting could happen with or without Ackman's stake

Allergan had hoped that a lawsuit could potentially prevent Valeant's takeover partner--Bill Ackman, whose Pershing Square Capital Management is Allergan's leading shareholder--from contributing to the 25% investor support threshold needed to call a special meeting. But now, Reuters ' sources say, Team Valeant has rallied support from shareholders holding 35% of the company.

Analysts: Pfizer execs say they're locked-and-loaded on tax inversion, and open to targets

Pfizer needs a tax inversion deal. Without one, it can't properly compete with overseas companies, simple as that. And if AstraZeneca doesn't want to play, Pfizer is willing to look elsewhere. Even if "elsewhere" means a generics company.

Med tech M&A beware: Top Senate Democrats reveal plan to crack down on inversions

Amid growing action from U.S. lawmakers to curb corporate inversions, top Senate Democrats revealed a plan to rein in the deals that would allow med tech companies to shift their domiciles abroad for tax-paying purposes.

Mylan challenges Big Pharma's clot fighters with $300M Arixtra buy

Generics maker Mylan has been laying out billions over the last 12 months for M&A. Now, it has inked a deal for a single drug: Arixtra, an injectable blood thinner that fights clots in the legs and lungs.

Wake up, Ackman tells Allergan's board. He has a 50%-60% chance of replacing you

In a Tuesday letter, activist investor Bill Ackman urged Allergan's directors to listen to what Valeant's putting on the table and assured them that they could still "rescue" their reputations by taking over leadership from CEO David Pyott, Reuters reports.