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Latest Headlines

Drug prices plus low reimbursements force cancer docs to sell out

Rising cancer drug prices aren't just alarming to payers. They're squeezing oncologists, too, at a time when doctors are paid less to administer drugs--to the point where they're selling out to hospitals.

PRA and INC trade up amid a warm reception for CRO debuts

PRA Health Sciences and INC Research have both seen their shares tick upward since pulling off IPOs earlier this month, a sign that, despite biotech's boom and bust, the window for CRO debuts remains open.

Report: Strong sales in Patterson's vet division may spur spinoff of weaker unit

When Patterson beat fiscal second-quarter sales and earnings estimates on Thursday, the Minnesota-based medical equipment distributor credited the strong performance largely to its veterinary division. Some analysts are predicting that Patterson will cast off its medical division so it can focus on its higher-growth animal health and dental units.

InfoBionic gets $17M to offer cloud-based cardiac monitoring

Mobile cardiac monitoring is one of the most advanced areas in med tech when it comes to wireless, remote tracking of patients. InfoBionic is hoping to take the technology to the next level by combining three different kinds of cardiac arrhythmia monitoring onto a single system that provides real-time, cloud-based patient data.

Molecular nuclear imaging startup to use $100M IPO to advance Phase III therapeutic

French radiopharmaceutical startup Advanced Accelerator Applications has filed for an IPO to raise up to $100 million. It already markets a half-dozen molecular imaging agents and is raising the money, at least in part, to gain pivotal data and regulatory approval for its first therapeutic.

Early backer of Uber funds smartphone-based device for at-home diagnosis of flu

Shervin Pishevar, one of the earlier backers of new-age taxi service Uber, is throwing his support behind San Diego startup Cue, which is developing a home-enabled diagnostic for testing for testosterone, fertility, inflammation, vitamin D and influenza.

Solo Shire moves 500 to Boston as it pushes ahead with reorg

More than 500 Pennsylvania-based Shire workers are shipping up to Boston in a move CEO Flemming Ornskov says will "streamline operations and drive further efficiencies."

Embattled Zoetis courts investors as activist shareholder Ackman looms

Just after Zoetis kicked off its first-ever Investor Day at the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday, trading in the company's stock was halted unexpectedly midday, when its financial forecasts were released earlier than the company had planned.

Alfred Mann's Second Sight $32M IPO for 'bionic eye' soars on Wall Street

Alfred Mann aims to transform insulin administration for diabetics with Mannkind and its inhaled formulation, flying in the face of a host of skeptics who remember the prior market failure of Pfizer's inhaled insulin, Exubera. With one of his latest companies, Second Sight, Mann is aiming even higher--to cure blindness.

Medtronic looks beyond Type 1 with a diabetes reorg

Medtronic's fastest growing business is in diabetes, which gained 10% to $430 million in the most recent quarter over a year ago. Now the medical device giant is looking to expand beyond its dominance in Type 1 diabetes that is based on the success of its insulin pump MiniMed. During an earnings call, Medtronic disclosed that it reorganized its diabetes group last quarter.