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Latest Headlines

Novo Nordisk rolls out long-awaited Tresiba, aiming for blockbuster U.S. market share

Novo Nordisk finally launched its next-gen diabetes treatment Tresiba in the U.S., approved by the FDA last September. The Danish drugmaker has high hopes for sales, but the long-acting insulin faces new competitors that could get in the way of those ambitions.

Sun to launch copy of Novartis' best-selling drug Gleevec Feb. 1

Sun Pharma said today that the FDA has approved its generic of Novartis' top-selling drug, cancer pill Gleevec, and that it will launch its version in two months, beginning Feb. 1.

Allergan to close plant in Iceland, lay off 300

Allergan Chairman Paul Bisaro has been quick to cut what he sees as redundant operations and people to help pay for his aggressive buying. Now, he has set his sights on the company's ancestry, with plans to whack a plant, and 300 jobs, in Iceland. 

AbbVie's hep C cocktail delivers 100% cure rate in genotype 1b niche

AbbVie knows it has to press its case for Viekira Pak if it's going to get--and keep--a sizable share of the hepatitis C market. Today, it unveiled some new data that could help it do just that.

Which Big Biotechs join Gilead in Fortune's fastest-growing pharma ranks?

The company at the top of Fortune's fastest-growing-in-pharma list is just the one you'd expect: Gilead Sciences, with its hep C-fueled leap into the industry's top 10 by revenue. And it's no surprise that the next two are Big Biotech companies, given the ascendance of biologic meds. But one Big Pharma--and only one--managed to crack the top 5.

Big Pharma (and Big Biotechs) riding drug approval surge toward $1T in sales

The FDA approved a record 50 new drugs last year and 6 of those, coming from 6 different companies, are forecast to reach blockbuster sales in 2019. In fact, Bristol-Myers Squibb's breakout immuno-oncology drug Opdivo is forecast to hit nearly $4.3 billion in sales by then.

Novartis, Celgene meds take the biggest shares of cancer drug spending

Cancer drug spending is up. Cancer drug prices are way up. And as a new Express Scripts report shows, spending on each cancer patient is mounting; it's among the reasons why a growing number of individual patients account for $100,000-plus in annual drug spending. And a few big drugs made big contributions to that rise.

AstraZeneca scores fast-track FDA review for big new Brilinta use

Analysts weren't as excited about new Brilinta outcomes data as AstraZeneca was. The company is eyeing $3 billion in peak sales for the clot-buster, partly with the help of the PEGASUS trial, unveiled last month. Analysts figure on half that.

With U.S. sales suffering, GSK plots changes to quota-free pay model

GlaxoSmithKline's controversial overhaul of sales-rep compensation is due for some tweaks. After replacing its North American president earlier this year, the company has decided to revisit its so-called Patient First sales model, which pegs incentive pay to broad sales and performance goals rather than individual quotas.

Sanofi won't discount Toujeo to Lantus

Sanofi has news for all of the payers, providers and patients who thought the French drugmaker would discount its newly approved insulin Toujeo to get it established in the market. Think again.