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Latest Headlines

Pfizer settles 2,000-plus Chantix suits, takes $273M charge

About 80% of Pfizer's Chantix litigation is finito. The drugmaker has settled or agreed to settle about four-fifths of 2,700 state and federal lawsuits, and took a $273 million charge to cover the costs, a securities filing notes. Pfizer has set aside another $15 million toward wrapping up the rest of the claims.

FDA risk finding adds fuel to fire around Pfizer's Chantix

The FDA says Pfizer's ($PFE) smoking-cessation drug Chantix is probably the cause of higher risk for heart attacks among those who use it, but it can't be sure. It says it's certain that smoking can kill you and Chantix can help some people stop.

France to stop paying for Pfizer's Champix

France has decided to stop paying for Pfizer's stop-smoking drug Champix. The treatment, sold as Chantix in the U.S., will be pulled from the government formulary of meds eligible for reimbursement

FDA mulls long-term use of nicotine-replacement aids

The FDA may recommend long-term--or even permanent--use of nicotine-based quit-smoking aids, rather than the 12 weeks currently advised. The potential move is backed by anti-tobacco activists and

Pfizer tells its side of Chantix story

Today, Pfizer opened its HQ doors to journalists for a "roundtable" discussion of Chantix, the embattled stop-smoking drug. The company said it wanted to correct publicly misunderstandings about the